Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor at the Greene Dreher Sterling Fair. Our fair offers many opportunities for businesses, organizations and other groups to exhibit their products and services during fair week. To reserve your commercial space, simply download the application and follow the instructions or fill out the form below.

Download application form or fill out the form below and submit your request for commercial space.

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INSURANCE: You are required to carry liability insurance, including product liability, with minimum limits of $300,000.00. Before you will be allowed to set up, the applicant must submit to the G.D.S. Fair Association an insurance certificate naming the G.D.S. Fair Association as an additional insured. The Fair Association can provide coverage for you at a cost of $100.

I require Insurance to be provided for me:*

PRICING: Spaces are priced by the linear foot (frontage) with most spaces 12 to 15’ deep.

Covered spaces: $20.00 per linear foot (covered spaces’ depths vary).

Uncovered spaces: $12.00 per linear foot (trailers, tents, etc. must meet safety standards and be approved by the Committee) PRICES MAY CHANGE PRIOR TO JULY 2015.

The G.D.S. Fair is not responsible for loss by theft, fire or storm, the undersigned certifies that all questions have been answered correctly and conditions are acceptable. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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